PAD Series

The PAD range is proposed in plants where attention is particularly paid to water and energy consumption. PAD is an adiabatic cooler, condenser and can be defined as a "Dry Cooler" implemented by a system of adiabatic pre-cooling the air.

All models are fully pre-assembled in our factory and equipped with an electrical board.

Capacity from 100 kW to 1 MW.

Axial motor fan directly coupled, low installed power, low noise levels.
Basin, body and fans bases in fiberglass, light material, non-corroding and maintenance-free.

Water distribution system and air intake grids in plastic.

Structure made of steel hot-dip galvanizing after fabrication (according to UNI EN ISO 1461-99, thickness not less than 80 microns).

Humidifier pack with high water retaining capacity in PVC with wide passages flocked configuration (low pressure drop with a considerable increase of efficiency).

Finned coils in copper and aluminium.

Technical specifications

BASIN, BODY AND FANS BASES in fiberglass with isophthalic gel-coat protection against UV rays, light material, non-corroding and maintenance-free.
The body is equipped with manhole to allow access to internal parts.

Fixing BOLTS in AISI 304 steel.

HUMIDIFIER PACK (adiabatic air cooling) with high water retaining capacity, made of flocked PVC. Its wide passages configuration allows the installation of multiple layers without causing excessive pressure drop, while allowing a considerable increase of efficiency.

COOLING BATTERY with pipes made of high quality, finned coils in Cu / Al.
During the construction, each circuit is thoroughly inspected and tested. The inclination of the pipes and the fluid outlet connections, places in the lower part of the collectors, ensure the complete flow of the fluid contained inside them, avoiding the formation of "zero flow" zones.

AXIAL FAN SYSTEM consists of fans directly coupled, low installed power, low noise levels, positioned in line with the other components.
Rotation speed of the fans adjusted by inverter.

WATER DISTRIBUTION entirely in PVC, composed by a main collector and lateral branches equipped with spray nozzles.

Centrifugal recirculation PUMP.

Water collection BASIN entirely in fiberglass, with sloping bottom to allow the total emptying of the unit.

CONTROL PANEL integrated for automatic control (PLC). Optimised operations for heat load and weather conditions.