Service & Spare parts

Mita Service project is the result of Mita over 50-year experience in the production of cooling towers for industrial processes and civil air conditioning systems. It is the answer to the growing   market demand of more and more complete services.

Mita Service can supply cooling stations, specially made for the automatic control of evaporative towers, allowing the user to reduce considerably the design and assembly phases and to have just one interlocutor for the whole plant.

The cooling water station MITA Service is especially important as far as the “water control system” of an evaporative cooling circuit is concerned. This system requires the control of the following parameters:

  • Water level inside the tanks
  • Metering of scale inhibitor/anticorrosive additives
  • Metering of anti-algae additives
  • Salinity through drainage

The system has been conceived for the automatic control of evaporative cooling circuit main parameters. The water make up regulation system has been especially conceived to optimise the water consumption, but also to achieve important targets such as:

  • Plant parameters optimization
  • Automatic adjustment based on production loads
  • Additives and drain waste elimination