Theorie und Praxis - Hybridkühlung

The MITA Hybrid cooler is a product with two independent cooling systems (wet and dry).

The fluid to be cooled (water or, in case of low ambient temperature, a mixture of water and glycol) flows inside two separate heat exchangers coils made of:

- “smooth tubes coils”, exchangers which are normally used in evaporative systems.

They grant high performances during summer, but lower performances if air cooled in winter.
This heat exchanger coil is located inside the cooling tower casing. It is continuously wetted by the water contained in the unit’s basin.
The water is pumped to a water distribution system with spray nozzles

- “finned tubes coils”, exchangers which are normally used in dry cooling. They grant high performances at low ambient temperatures, but lower performances during the warmest months.

In HBR series the finned tubes heat exchangers are totally independent coils, solely air cooled.

Depending on the specific demands, the customer can have a preference for the wet cooling mode that allows a reduction of the electric power consumption, but it involves the use of water.
The dry cooling mode, on the other hand, does not involve the use of water, but only energy consumption.

The HBR hybrid closed circuit coolers take advantage of the performance characteristics of both systems.

Depending on the climatic conditions of the moment, thanks to the control by PLC, the fluid to be cooled is sent to that heat exchanger, which grants the best performance.